About Us

It was an exhausting search...cool, high quality handbags at affordable prices. Striving to find bags that complimented her individual style, Lauri Michael, a NYC artist/fashion designer, scoured the internet and resale shops for high quality designer bags with personality. The search was frequently frustrating and unsuccessful. What does a designer do when she can't find what she wants? She makes it! She began crafting handbags at home. Combining her time, talent and expertise with heart and humor resulted in handbags that got noticed! From being stopped on the street (and even stalked in a bathroom) women wanted to know where to get those bags, and Orley Havens was born.

Named in honor of her grandmother-a strong, vibrant, creative woman, the Orley Havens brand offers unique design and expert, made in the USA, craftsmanship. With meticulous attention to design and detail, Orley Havens finds the sweet spot of fashion, quality and fun. Style that makes you smile!